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We don't just make games;
We make communities.

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Hello There

We Are Kyoshi Studios

We aim to achieve excellence and perfection despite the size of our team.

Updated 9/17/18 - 12/22/18
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What We Do

We make games and software of all varities!

What is our main goal?

We want to create great games and really show the true ability of the Unity3D engine. Our main game we plan to be our big showcase will be a large scale, 17th century game. But more on that later!

Where do we come from?

Starting from a small (unnamed) company we released our first MMORPG under a small team of 14 people. After much change and rebranding we have come back from the ashes as Kyoshi Studios to go back to doing what we do best.

Random Nonsense

Who knows what we might put here

Koyhis Studios

Logo 2.0

We have a new logo. Would you just look at it?!



Proud to be Unity3D plebs

Our Projects

All projects we make will be put here

"Proud to be."

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